This is an archive of publically-hosted (mostly school-related) files. This exists (in this form) for the following reasons:

You can browse all hosted files on the GitHub repository source.

Directory structure

The directory structure was mostly determined ad-hoc and was not planned out in any way. In order to not break any links, I try my best not to rename or delete any files or directories. This may lead to inconsistent naming but makes links safer for long-term use.

The top-level directory structure is:


I am not a lawyer or licensing expert but will do my best to follow licensing rules. If there is material here that breaks existing licenses, or if it is your work and you do not wish for it to be distributed, I will happily take it down.

This body of work is non-commercial and primarily for education purposes. All content is provided on an as-is basis, and may be taken down or modified at any time. There are no guarantees to the correctness of work in this repository. This repository includes a body of heterogeneous work, so consult the proper section below based on the type of the file in question.

My work (academic)

Note to teachers or group project teammates: If I am hosting your work and you would like for it to be taken down, let me know and I will do it.

Educational good-faith: All academic work is hosted here in good faith for educational purposes. I strongly believe that open access to educational materials, e.g., schoolwork that may approach a problem from a different point of view, is a useful resource that enriches the educational experience. Abuse of materials in a way contrary to school policies (i.e., on cheating/fairness/plagiarism, and not limited to the Cooper Union) or other ethical issues will not be tolerated. For example, access to this material during a take-home quiz is probably contrary to the rules set forth for that quiz. I will take down content as necessary if an issue arises.

If the above “educational good-faith” conditions are met, then the academic work here uses the CC BY 4.0 license.

My work (non-academic, software)

For personal coding projects. When hosted under a separate GitHub repository, please refer to that repository for licensing guidance. If the license is not specified1, feel free to reach out and I will do my best to resolve the issue (e.g., by adding a license).

1 This is true for many of my older projects. I am inclined to provide most of my personal projects under the permissive MIT license, but please check with me first if the license is missing.

My work (non-academic, non-software)

For other non-academic work (e.g., personal writing), work is licensed under a CC BY 4.0 license.

Other work

There is a large deal of external content reproduced on this repository, especially academic research papers, website content, and textbooks. I preserve this external content for the educational enrichment it provides, assuming the licensing permits it. Reiterating the above message, I will gladly take down content that is improperly licensed.

Most of the content reproduced here is freely available on the web via an Internet search. If possible, materials are reproduced in full (i.e., without modification) to preserve proper attribution.

Many of the reproduced works (e.g., textbooks and academic materials) are licensed under the Creative Commons (CC BY*) license, which should all allow redistribution of unmodified content with proper attribution in a noncommercial context.